Major Website Change Happening Now, Expect Temporary Logo Change. 


We Are Doing A Major Website Change, In Fact This Will Cost Over £5,000 For This Change. Why? You May Ask Us.

This Website Will Have A New Theme, We Will Be Changing Our Logo, Our Text And Logo To Be Apart Of Each Other Of Awareness For Covid-19 (Covid-19 Urgent Appeal). 

We Are Also Doing A Major Campaign For How To Be Safe In A Less Scary Environment, We Will Be Targeting Low Ages From 13 To 30 Years Old. We Will Be Spending Between £30-£120 On Facebook & Instagram To Target A Special Page On Our Website Explaining What Coronavirus Is, How To Be Safe From Coronavirus & Attaching Helpful Links In A Less Scary Way.

We Already Have A Tryout Poster At A School In Sheffield, UK For Children With Key Worker Relatives To Direct Link Children To Our Covid-19 Web Page Explaining What The Virus Is And How To Keep Safe In A Less Scary Way.  

The Campaign & The Website Change Should Be Completed And Be Public To People By 22nd May 2020.