Smart' A&R Service's Talent Pool: Coming Soon To Quora.


"The Smart' Records Group's Talent Pool will be a great way to show new music, meet new people and a chance to sign a contract to Smart' Records Group" - Shuayb Hamed

We are teaming up with Quora to create our very own Talent Pool where people can compete to get their track to the Top 10.

This is how it works:

- Submit your unreleased work to enter the Talent Pool

- People can vote for the track by Upvoting the submitted track

- Every Friday, the A&R team will listen to the tracks and decide whether it belongs in the Top 10.

- Every 2 weeks, the A&R team will listen to the Top 10 and pick 1-2 tracks to be released on Smart' Records Group.-

The Talent Pool will be launched around February 2021.