We Are Smart’ Records Group

We Are Different From Most Electronic Labels, We Don’t Sign Much, We Keep High Standards 

About Us

Smart’ Records Worldwide Is A Electronic Record Label Based In Sheffield, UK. Founded In October 25th 2016 By DJ/Producer Shuayb Hamed. He Started The Company As A Soundcloud Where Producers Can Email Him To Promote Local Talent. This Carried On Until 20th December 2016 When Shuayb Hamed Acquired A Distribution Deal. On 1st January 2017, Shuayb Hamed Released His First Track “Welcome:House.” He Signed 2 Artists From His Soundcloud Account Which Was Greg & Gabriel Santos. In 2018, Shuayb Hamed Signed His First Artist That Was Not From Soundcloud, Named “The P3ntherz” Which Shuayb Hamed Has Joined Her To Produce Beats For Her To Sign To. She Later Changed Her Name To We All Know Today, “Delirious Psycho”. She Started To Rise When She Released “I’m Psycho.” And More Releases Followed. In Late 2018, Shuayb Hamed Ended The Contract With Her And He Decided To Push Himself And Start Signing People. He Released His A&R Email Address To labelsbass.net And He Signed His First Major Artist Which Was Non-Other Then Siklef. He Debuted With His EP “Brain Born.” And Later Started Signing More Artists Such As Wotan, Deepmind, Lil Joshy And More. Now In 2020, Shuayb Hamed Is Now Pushing His Limits And Boundaries To Start Building A Family With New Sub-Labels And Artists. Shuayb Hamed And Our A&R Rep Is Listening Very Closely To Find The Right Sounds That Meets The High Standards, Carefully Deciding To Wether Give Them A Contract To A New, Exciting Music Carrier. Or To Leave A Feedback If Necessary. 

Meet The Team

Shuayb Hamed (CEO) - He May Be A DJ & Producer But He Is The One Who Founded Smart' Records. He Created Smart' Records In His Bedroom As A Soundcloud Account. Today, Smart' Records Is A Worldwide Brand For Electronic Music And Shuayb Has Done It All By Himself.

Tom (A&R) - He Is The A&R Representative For Smart' Records Worldwide, His Job Is To Carefully Listen To Submitted And To Decide If It Meets Our High Standards, To Choose Whether To Give A Contract And To Manage Artists Under Him.

Paul (Distribution) - Paul Is The Distribution Manager For Smart’ Records Worldwide, His Job Is To Distribute Music To All Major Stores Worldwide, Protect The Music With Youtube Content ID And To Make Sure All Metadata Is All Correct For The Public To Recognise A Song.

Scott (Sales, Licence & General Enquiries) - This Is Scott, His Job Is To Answer People General Enquiries, Clear Music And Licence Music To People & Make Sales Online By Request.

Lisa (Legal & Finance Department) - And Lastly, This Is Lisa. Her Job Is To Answer All Legal Questions And Requests, She Also Works Closely With Paul To Collect Revenue From Released Music. She Also Manages Payroll & Royalties Statements And Payments. In The Staff Payroll, All She Has To Do Is To Make Sure All Staff (Including Herself) Is Paid. The Royalties Department, Payments Are Not Automatic. It’s Lisa Job To Calculate Payments Made On Releases And To Count How Much The Artist Is Owed. Then Every Quarter, Lisa Individually Pays Royalties And Licensing Royalties To The Artist’s Chosen PayPal Account.

Our Partners

Believe UK - Our Distribution Partners Insures Our Music Gets Delivered To Major Store Worldwide And Also Protect Our Music With Copyright Such As YouTube Content ID. They Also Distribute Our Music To Social Media Such As Facebook, Instagram & TikTok. 

Feature.fm - They Are Our Smart Link Provider, They Insure That We Have A Link For Each Release. They Also Provide Pre-Release So Fans Can Pre-Save A Release Before The Release Date.

Soundrop - They Are Our Licencing Partner And Back Up Distributor In Case A Release Don't Get Sent To One Of Major Stores, They Also Control Our Back Catalog From 2016-2018.